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Virtual Fenimore Posts

September 8: Preschool Tuesday: Food in Art
August 31: At-Home Lesson – Printmaking
August 21: Oscar Wilde’s ‘A Woman of No Importance’ (A new virtual production)
August 16: Printable Coloring Book #3
August 15: Shakespeare in Action
August 13: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Tracy Helgeson
August 12: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Tom Hussey
August 12: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Tatiana Rhinevault
August 11: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Susana Caban
August 11: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Robert Glisson
August 11: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Richard Kathmann
August 10: Preschool Tuesday
August 10: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Nancy Kieffer
August 8: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Lisa Tessier
August 7: Discussion on Race in Othello
August 7: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Linda Tracz
August 5: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Joyce Stewart
August 4: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: John Jackson
August 2: Shakespeare in Action
July 30: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Deborah Beck
July 28: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Daniel Tennant
July 22: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Christine Sutter
July 18: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Chris Wakefield
July 17: Virtual Performance of William Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost
July 15: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Anne Pascale
July 13: Featured Art by the Lake Artist: Alex Roediger
July 10: Virtual Performing Arts Season:  A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2017)
July 7: Preschool Tuesday
July 6: ABTL Preview Video
July 4: American Voices: An Open-Mic Night (3:00pm)
July 4 : Video: Liberty and Washington
June 28: Video: Raven Mask
June 26: National Canoe Day
June 24: Video: Bicycle Photograph by Arthur Telfer (1900)
June 23: At Home Lesson: Whig Banner
June 20: Theatrical Workshop
June 19: Juneteenth
June 18: Goodnight at the Museum: The Ugly Duckling
June 14: Virtual Preschool Tuesday: Crayons
June 11: Storytime:  The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
June 5: The Taming of the Shrew (2019) From the Glimmer Globe Archive
May 30: A Favorite Memory from a Docent
May 28: Photography Lesson: Photographs of Flowers
May 26: Storytime: The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
May 23: Art Optical Illusion
May 21: Performing Arts– Season Schedule Announcement
May 19: Storytime: The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein
May 18: Activity Guide: Making Masks
May 16: Printable Coloring Book
May 14: Fritz Vogt Story Map
May 9: Featured Artwork: Fancy Dancer by John Nieto
May 7: Photography: Aperture Lesson
May 5: Storytime: My Book House, Volumes 1-12 (edited by Olive Beaupre Miller)
May 4: Lebduska Activity Guide
May 2: Virtual Play Reading: K.P. by Peter Reich and Linda Crawford (Play reading contains strong language. Must have a YouTube account and be 18 or older to view.)

Previous Posts:

April 1: Exhibition Walk-Through (Prismatic Beauty: American People and American Art)
April 2: Exhibition Object (Prismatic Beauty: American People and American Art)
April 3: Virtual Play Reading: Three Days in Late Summer (NEXT! Readings of New Works by Regional Playwrights)
April 4: Folk-Art Object: Sullivan’s Diner (Folk Art Collection)
April 5: Activity: Play “I Spy Art” with the painting Village Post Office by Thomas Waterman Wood (1823–1903).
April 6: Instruction: Reverse Painting (pdf)
April 7: Favorite Memories from a Museum Docent
April 8:  Exhibition Walk-Through (Blue Gardens: Photographs by Gross and Daley with narration by photographer Steve Gross)
April 10:Virtual Exhibition (Prints of watercolors by Karl Bodmer from The Thaw Collection of American Indian Art)
April 13: Craft (Create a Hudson River School Collage in the spirit of Thomas Cole, pdf)
April 14: Virtual Storytime
April 16: John Brewster Jr. Mini-Documentary
April 18: I Spy Art Activity (Autumn at the Crossroads)
April 20: Craft (Northwest Coast Activity Guide)
April 21: Story Time: Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens
April 24: Video: Ansel Adams Group f/64
April 25: Mini-Documentary: William and James Fenimore Cooper
April 26: Cooper Family Crossword Puzzle
April 28: Story Time: Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book by Doctor Seuss
April 30: Virtual Open Mic Night

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