Virtual Performing Arts Season – Auditions

Glimmer Globe Theatre and The Templeton Players are thrilled to announce an all-new audio production of a timeless holiday tradition, premiering online this December!

Charles Dickens’
A Christmas Carol:
A Full-Cast Audiobook

This full-cast production will feature the complete original text of Dickens’ immortal novella, and in addition to music and effects, will feature each individual character being performed by a different voice. In all, we have up to 40 roles ranging in size from small cameos to substantial leading parts, and are happy to welcome performers, readers, and musicians of all ages and experience levels.

We’re doing everything we can to make participating in this production easy, fun, and most of all… safe. Depending on the size of the role, participation may call for one (or possibly two) rehearsals over Zoom, and will require a single one-on-one socially distanced recording session at Fenimore Art Museum, where your lines would be recorded in an entirely separate space. No memorization is required! To accommodate schedules and ensure safety, we’ll be holding recording sessions over two months, from early October to late November.

Interested in participating? Auditions are now open and will close in two weeks at the end of the day on Friday, October 2nd.  You’ll find audition sides, and more details below.

Audition Info:

Below, you’ll find 9 sides taken from the original text of Dickens’ novella, in addition to a list of the speaking roles available in this production:

Audition Materials:


Standard British Playlist:

  • Step 1: Select an Audition Piece!
    • PLease note: when auditioning for an audio production, keep in mind that the only thing that really matters is how your voice sounds, and what you can get it to do. So, while we prefer an audio-only (MP3) audition, if you do need to record a video, factors such as age, gender, and physical attributes are unimportant compared to the unique character of your voice!
      • For adults:
        • Please select whichever side(s) you’d like to read. In the interest of storage space, please perform only two sides at most. If you could record one take in your native dialect, and another in your best Standard British (RP) dialect, it would be very much appreciated. Reference materials can be found in the above playlist in the downloads section.
      • For young actors (12 and under):
        • Please read side #2. If you can do a second take in your best British accent, that would be great!
      • For young children:
        • If interested in the role of Tiny Tim, please record yourself saying “God bless us, every one!” in a couple of different ways.
  • Step 2: Fill out the Audition Form
    • Once you’ve recorded your audition, you’ll need to fill out the audition form at the link below. The final question allows you to directly upload your audition as an audio/video file.
  • (Possible) Step #3Send in your audition via email!
    • If you are unable to upload your audition via the form above, you can send it directly to [email protected] (Dropbox or Google Drive link preferred).

Having problems uploading or recording your audition? Have any questions? Reach out to us at [email protected]!

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