Facts & Figures

FAM Visitation

Considering that COVID-19 delayed our opening until July, and guidelines limited our ability to have many of our traditional member and special events, we had a remarkable season. We had 7,249 individuals visit Fenimore Art Museum throughout the 2020 season, and 120 visitors under the age of 7. There were an additional 1,862 visitors who were members who visited Fenimore. Our programs brought in 448 attendees, and 7 visitors were at the museum for an educational program. Our total visitation for the 2020 season was 9,686 people.




Volunteers at Fenimore Art Museum generously donated their time and talents to make our programs and events a success. Thank you!  

Total number of volunteers in 2020 – 10 Volunteers 

Total number of volunteer hours in 2020 – 172 Hours 




Museum members provide a vital base of support for our museum, exhibitions, collections and educational programming. We extend our sincere appreciation to our 2,051 members who supported us in 2020. We are so grateful for your commitment to our mission. Thank you! 

For more information on becoming a member, to see the variety of membership levels that we offer, or to renew your membership, please visit fenimoreartmuseum.org/join today!

Balance Sheet

Fenimore Art Museum
Balance Sheet
December 31, 2020

Cash and Cash Equivalents                                         $7,706,775
Investments                                                                   $46,152,251
Receivable from TFM                                                    $94,043
Contributions Receivable                                            $260,674
Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets                         $132,209
Inventories                                                                     $377,683
Land, Buildings and Equipment, Net                         $3,491,433

Total Assets                                                      $58,215,068

Liabilities and Net Assets
Accrued Expenses                                                        $47,541
Deferred Revenue                                                        $201,374

Total Liabilities                                                 $248,915

Museum Collections                                                             _

Net Assets:
Without donor restrictions                                         $5,093,919
With donor restrictions                                               $52,872,234

Total Net Assets                                               $57,966,153

Total Liabilities and Net Assets                     $58,215,068


Fenimore Art Museum is a private, nongovernmental, nonprofit educational organization that is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)(3). Gifts to Fenimore Art Museum are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. For more information, Fenimore Art Museum’s IRS form 990 can be viewed at guidestar.org.