Albrecht Dürer: Master Prints

August 11 – November 22, 2020

This engaging exhibition features more than thirty woodblock prints and engravings by (or after) the German Renaissance master printmaker Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528). The artist was an extraordinary innovator who revolutionized the medium of printmaking in the late fifteenth century.

Trained as a goldsmith, the painter, etcher and draftsman was praised for the remarkable compositional complexity and high level of naturalism in his works. Dürer established an international reputation for his remarkable skills in printmaking, which he had single-handedly elevated to an independent art form. Examples from his celebrated Small Woodcut Passion (1508-10), Life of the Virgin (1503-10), and the full set of sixteen prints from the Engraved Passion (1507-12) are in the exhibition. The exhibition also includes several works by some of Dürer’s most influential contemporaries, Albrecht Altdorfer and Martin Schongauer, among others.

The exhibition was sponsored in part by The Clark Foundation and Nellie and Robert Gipson, and organized by the Reading Public Museum, Reading, Pennsylvania.

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Blue Gardens: Photographs by Gross and Daly

July 3- December 31, 2020  

This series of photographs by Steve Gross and Susan Daley centers on the gardens and landscape of America’s plantations and gilded age estates. The locations range from the South East to the Hudson Valley and New England including Newport, Rhode Island, and The Berkshires. The images are printed in a blue monotone to release them from the contemporary constraints of seeing in the present tense, as full-color photography would do. These sites express a strong sense of place and historic beauty and seem to exist as a parallel universe, an oasis out of time, so different from the modern world outside their gates and walls. Although the gardens exist today with the purpose of public inclusion rather than being the private domain of the privileged, there is still a continuity with the past and much to be experienced in these visions of lost paradises.

Steve Gross & Susan Daley are photographers whose work explores America’s historic architecture and landscape design. They are the authors of 12 books and their fine art photography has been exhibited at the O.K. Harris Gallery in NYC as well as being held in numerous museums and private collections.

Prismatic Beauty: American People and American Art

July 3 – August 25, 2020

American Art has been largely limited to academic painting, and heavily influenced by European culture. In recent decades, art historians have made efforts to revisit and include under-represented and often marginalized groups within the canon of American Art. Prismatic Beauty: American People and American Art showcases sculptures, paintings, and textiles from the Fenimore collection which represent a wider understanding of our country’s story, a prism reflecting the voices of all its citizens.



Decking the Halls

December 5 – December 31, 2020

Holiday ornaments, cards, music, and photographs are featured as Fenimore explores the history of some of our favorite wintertime traditions. Find answers to questions such as “Where did the legend of Santa Claus come from?” and “Have we always sung the same carols at the holidays?” The museum also looks at Cooperstown’s own local traditions, including the writings of Susan Fenimore Cooper which tell of villagers decorating for the holidays as far back as the 1840s. See works of art that reflect the spirit and comfort of the holiday season.

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Additional 2020 Exhibitions

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Listing of 2020 Community Gallery Exhibitions






The Collected Evidence: A Loose Timeline of Power, Christine Hunt Wood, August 14 – September 13, 2020

The Annual Museum Members’ Showcase, October 16 – November 29, 2020