Award Winners

We would like to thank the artists who participated in this weekend’s Virtual Art by the Lake event, and also all of the viewers who watched the demonstration videos and enjoyed seeing the artists’ work. We hope that many viewers went on to visit the artists’ websites or to contact them with more inquiries about their work (contact info below). Many of our viewers took part in the vote for Viewer’s Choice – 362 voters, to be exact – and we are delighted to announce the winners. In second place, with a total of 22 votes, is Tatiana Rhinevault with her painting, “Winter Light.” She will receive a $100 prize. Our first place winner, with 31 votes, is Daniel K. Tennant and his painting, “A Hard Working Man.” He will receive a prize of $200 from Fenimore Art Museum. Congratulations to these artists and thank you to everyone who voted!

Artwork and Voting

See artwork and video profiles of this year’s selected artists below (best if viewed on laptop or desktop). Check out their work and cast your vote for the Viewer’s Choice Award (August 15 and 16). Two cash prizes will be awarded. The artist with the highest number of votes for their artworks wins. All prizes will be announced and posted on Monday, August 17. Vote and you may win a Sustaining Membership at the museum!

Virtual Art by the Lake is supported by Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Shields.  This season’s virtual programs are sponsored in part by Art Bridges, NYCM Insurance, Otsego County Government, and Dr. Richard Sternberg. Proceeds benefit Fenimore Art Museum’s education programs.

Daniel K. Tennant
Winner of the 2020 Viewer’s Choice Award

Gouache, New Woodstock, NY

“For forty one years I have been painting with gouache (opaque watercolors). It is the medium that best fits my way of working. It is great for detailed work, dries quickly and has beautiful highly pigmented colors. Small things usually catch my eye and lead to a painting- whether it is sunlight streaming in through a barn window, the shine of polished apples or the rim lighting on a piece of cloth. I have always tried to paint things that are uplifting and bring pleasure to look at. It is not so much the subject that is so important but how it is painted. To find a great subject and to paint it well is always something I’ve tried to do.”

  1. A Hard Working Man, Gouache on museum board, $15,000, 28×46 FIRST PRIZE
  2. Still Life with Boston Cream Pie, Gouache on museum board, $10,500, 26×33
  3. Fruits of Autumn, Gouache on museum board, $6,000, 18×24

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Tatiana Rhinevault
Second Prize
2020 Viewer’s Choice Award

Oil on canvas, Hyde Park, NY

“Paintings are silent poetry and music for me. ” What is the life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare? No time to see, when woods we pass, Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass,No time to see in broad daylight, Stream full of stars, like skies at night. No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,And watch her feet, how they can dance. A poor life this is if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.” W.H.Davies”

  1. Winter Light, oil on canvas , $1,200 11X14″  SECOND PRIZE
  2. Drive in Hyde Park NY , oil on canvas,$700, 8X24″
  3. Fall ,oil on canvas $ 600, 11X14″

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Christopher Wakefield
(Wildwoods Woodturning)

Woodworking, Edmeston, NY

[email protected], Wildwoods Woodturning on Facebook

“I strive to uncover the hidden beauty in the forests that surround us. All of my pieces are handcrafted from locally sourced hardwood and I use only natural finishes.”

  1. Walking bowl, Maple with black walnut legs, $80 , 8” tall x 6” long
  2. Cherry vase, Cherry wood, $150, 9” tall x 5” wide
  3. “Space Needle “, Black Walnut, $160, 13” tall

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Tom Hussey

Oil and acrylic painting, Auburn, NY

“Tom Hussey is best known for his oil paintings of the Northeast landscape. Oil paints are well suited for capturing the wide range of color, light and texture on location. Thirty years of plein air painting have shaped Tom’s studio oil and acrylic work, with an emphasis on atmosphere and color. Continuing exploration with watercolor as a travel medium has expanded his range of available subjects and techniques.”

  1. “Owasco Lake, autumn”, Oil, $550, 14×18″.
  2. “Blake’s Rhody”, Oil, $1000, 24×20″
  3. “Five Points, winter”, Acrylic, 9×12″, $300

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Joyce Stewart

Watercolor and oil on porcelain, Vestal, NY

[email protected]

“I paint using overglaze paints mixed with an oil medium on porcelain. This is then fired in a kiln to 1400- 1800 degrees Fahrenheit The oil burns away and leaves the pigment permanently adhered to the porcelain. This process is repeated until painting is complete. I also paint with watercolors using a good grade of paint and Arches watercolor paper. I use my own photos for inspiration. I have won several first place ribbons in both local and national shows.”

  1. Lemon Tree, Oil on porcelain, $400, 12×16
  2. Pink Peonies, Watercolor, $200, 10×20
  3. Cape Cod Sunset, Watercolor, $250, 16×20

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Alex Roediger

Oil painting, Brooklyn, NY

“Nature and art are the most nurturing and calming parts of my life so I’m always drawn towards painting the many beautiful places I visit. I typically paint in one sitting, working quickly and predominantly with a palette knife, applying thick impasto paint on wood panels in an effort to mimic the strength and confidence I find when I’m out in nature. I usually work from my studio in Brooklyn, inspired by photos I’ve taken around New York City, upstate NY (where I grew up) and other areas of the U.S. and Europe where I’ve recently visited.”

  1. Chelsea, Oil on wood, $420, 14 x 11 inches
  2. The Catskills, Oil on wood, $150, 8 x 6 inches
  3. Acadia Woods, Oil on wood, $690, 16×20

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Deborah Beck

Oil, gouache, & watercolor paintings, Peekskill, NY

“As a painter using the mediums of oil, gouache, and watercolor, I work plein aire or in the studio. Whether outside or inside, I select those images and patterns which enhance the particular composition, retaining some and eliminating others. My approach combines the best features of abstraction with organic representational imagery. As a lover of nature (including the beautiful countryside and farms of the Central New York region!) through light, color, and composition, I draw the viewer into a sense of the moment within my landscapes, seascapes, botanicals, contemporary still lives, and animal paintings.”

  1. “Peter’s Farm, Worcester, NY”, oil on board, $550. 12″ x 16″
  2. “Gull Soaring Above Cliff, Monhegan Island, Maine”, oil on linen,
    $700, 20 x 20″
  3. “Rainforest Rhythms”, gouache, $850, 30″ x 22″

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Linda Tracz

Photography, Roseboom, NY

[email protected]

“Photography ignites in me a passion for exploring the world and the intricacies with in it. Whether shooting a vast landscape of exploring some detail of life, the whole process of examining the subject and deciding how to portray it takes me away. Using color, texture and perspective. I seek to create interesting views of life and our land, and give recognition to the function and beauty of things generally taken for granted. When my images stir emotion for others, the passion I’ve invested yields an added realm of fulfillment. I hope my images provide pleasure for your soul, as well as your eyes.”

  1. Owl Always See, Photography, $150, 11×16
  2. Timber’s Warmth, Photography, $150, 14×16
  3. Summer on the Lake, Photography, $150, 11×16

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Richard Kathmann

Painting, Drawing, and Lithographs, East Meredith, NY

“Notebooks, often a gridded page, have been at the center of my practice for the last 25 years. I’m not a plein air painter but I start ‘out there.’ I’m a place painter. On foot, notebook in hand or in the knapsack, sometimes carrying a campstool, I’m out there for the spectacle and pleasure. Inventorying. Moments or Features capture and I stand – occasionally sit down – and put on the notebook page a compressed visual language of an event in this place. Words sometimes appear among the marks, often an emotional reminder even when it’s a single word. Working with master printers at Corridor Press and at Tamarind, I produce lithographs and monoprints of forest images. In my studios in Delhi and West Kortright, NY, I develop small and medium scale paintings from the original sketches you see in the Notebooks.”

  1. Maple Allee, Otsego Lake, oil, birch panel, $1250, 12”x19″
  2. Otsego Lake with boats, graphite, $875, 8 3/4” x 7″
  3. My Yard Sept, ink, graphite, water color on lithograph, $750, 11” x 11”.

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Anne Pascale

Watercolor, Latham, NY

[email protected]

“Anne’s artwork convey the passionate interplay between color and light through her admiration of innate beauty. Her style is impressionistic through the medium of watercolor and mixed media. She believes the spirit of the work guides her in it’s own direction.”

  1. “Bloom Where You Are”, Watercolor , $265, 9×12
  2. “Cornwall, England”, Watercolor , $325, 11×14
  3. “Grandpa”, Watercolor , $350, 16×20

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Christine C. Sutter

Sculpture, Middletown, NY

[email protected]

“My name is Christine Sutter and I began my journey in 1990 when while recovering from a back injury a friend gave me some clay. I was inspired by ancient Goddess figures I found while studying Women’s Spirituality. All of my pieces are one of a kind. My medium is clay both air dry and polymer. I also incorporate other items found in nature such as crystals, rocks, feathers, pine cones, flowers and sticks.
I think of my hands as the midwives who birth into being what the clay wishes to be. My angels are imbued with Reiki a Japanese healing energy.”

  1. The Crone, Polymer clay, $100, 7×5
  2. The Teaching, Polymer clay, $200, 7×5
  3. Reiki Angels/Spirit Healers, Polymer clay with quartz crystals, $25-40, sizes vary

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Susana Caban

Wood carving/painting, Lake Katrine, NY

[email protected],

“My Art is Inspired by Nature. I enjoy making detailed studies of plants and animals, and I am especially fascinated with the incredible beauty of birds! I use pen, ink and watercolors for my bird and botanical illustrations. And I use a combination of mallet and chisels, and power tools for my wood carvings. With each work of art, I strive for more understanding of our natural world. It brings me joy to share my unique perspective and my appreciation of the beauty I see around me.”

  1. Monarch Butterfly, Basswood, $300, 9″x11″
  2. Dark-Eyed Junco, Basswood, $350, 9″x11″
  3. Belted Kingfisher, Watercolor and Pen and Ink, $95, 9″x12″

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John Jackson

Metal sculpture, Jefferson, NY

“John Jackson has been a metal sculptor since the Carter presidency. His palette consists mainly of bicycle/motorcycle parts, distressed musical instruments, old tools and gleanings from yard sales, flea markets, antique shops and metal yards. His tone is mostly whimsical, hence the name: Whimsical Metal Sculpture. Motifs are musicians, goats, birds, dogs, occupations and politicians. As a bonus, he often composes haiku related to the sculptures.”

  1. Fiddling Around, sculpture, $400., 18x16x10″
  2. Mama’s Not Happy, sculpture, $450., 21x16x17″
  3. Hot and High Strung, sculpture, $450., 20x17x10″

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Lisa Tessier

Watercolor, Delhi, NY

[email protected]

“Lisa Tessier’s artwork is inspired by her background as a landscape designer and her particular passion for gardening with plants native to NYS. She works exclusively in watercolor to create representational landscapes as well as botanical sunprints. The watercolor sunprinting process involves collecting and painting a plant specimen, and pressing it face down onto watercolor paper wet with a layer of wash. Additional paint is added under the specimen. The work is then placed on a warm surface where the sun evaporates off the excess water, and the pigment differentialy fills masses and voids in the plant’s form. The specimen is finally peeled off of the paper to reveal the finished print below. Compositional strategies and color schemes are selected based upon the unique attributes of the plant (for example, an orange-red hue comes from the broken Sanguinaria stems, so that hue is used for that sunprint).

Brief Biographical Sketch:
Lisa Tessier has a B.S. from Cornell in Landscape Architecture, and an M.S. in Landscape Architecture from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF). She presently teaches in the arts and humanities at SUNY Delhi. She has also taught in the arts at Capital Community College in Hartford, CT, and in landscape design at SUNY ESF. Lisa is focused on creating engaging learning experiences in both on-line and face-to-face classes, and focuses her artmaking on watercolors of landscapes and botanical prints.”

  1. Magnolia stellata (Star Magnolia), watercolor, $75 framed, 8″x11″
  2. Sanguinaria canadensis (Bloodroot), watercolor, $75 framed, 8″x11″
  3. Onoclea sensibilis (Sensitive Fern), watercolor, $65 framed, 8″x11″

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Nancy Kieffer Photography

Photography/mixed media, Syracuse, NY

“Landscape images focus on bringing nature elements to life including wind, rain and snow. Mixed media images are initially photographs that are transformed into classic oil painting look stroke by stroke using a hand rendered technique.”

  1. Spring Snow, Photography, $535.00, 14 x22
  2. Splashes of Autumn, Photography, $225.00, 16 x 20
  3. Niko, Mixed Media, $225.00, 16 x 20

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Robert Glisson

Oil painting, Syracuse, NY

[email protected]

“My paintings begin outside; most are completed in the studio. When painting landscapes en plein air, I am interested in conveying moods or expressing emotions. I focus on the atmospheric effects, light, and time of day that make up the profound qualities of nature. My colors are often exaggerated to emphasize these emotions and I push spatial relationships so that the viewer can journey within the picture. My paintings have a combination of strong forms and the dissolved for emphasis. I paint the line between realism and abstraction.
The time spent in my studio enables me to rely less on the literal and more on memory and intuition. If I am unsatisfied with a painting, I turn it upside down, and start over. The picture immediately becomes abstract and full of possibilities. I find shapes and color relationships that are partially realized that I may not have found any other way.
Using brushes, palette knives, fingers and rags I work the canvas to find shapes that speak to my inner emotion. I rely on accidents, risks and imagination to develop the picture.

  1. Valley View, Oil on Canvas, $1400, 20 X 24
  2. Hillside Grazing, Oil on Canvas, $550, 12 X 12
  3. View of Seneca Lake, Oil on Canvas, $550, 14 X 11

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Tracy Helgeson

Oil Painting, Cooperstown, NY

“My work is greatly inspired by the landscape, as well as the barns, structures, roads and farm scenes that surround my home in the Cooperstown, New York area. I often paint the same scenes over and over, deriving great comfort from portraying what is familiar as well as noting the small changes that occur over time in my environment. Yet within that framework of the familiar, the start of each painting brings me the exciting challenge of finding new ways to express what I see and feel. I strive for simplicity in my work; in color, form, composition, and subject matter. However, complexities inevitably find their way in via texture, handwritten elements and small bits of painted details.

I began making small studies in 2009 as a way to work out imagery for my gallery work. After realizing what an important inspiration the process was for my larger scaled paintings, I decided to keep making them indefinitely. Each painting is sequentially numbered, I have done about 1,300 so far! They portray a variety of subject matter but mostly focus on the landscape, barns, livestock and other rural scenes of the Central New York area.”

  1. Landscape Study 1296, Oil on wood panel, $160, 4x6x1
  2. Landscape Study 1263, Oil on wood panel, $195, 5x7x1
  3. Barn Study 1280, Oil on wood panel, $250, 6x8x1

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