Tell on the Terrace: Childhood Mischief

Select Sundays from 3-4 pm

Come join us as a storyteller or a listener in Tell on the Terrace, a series of live storytelling events celebrating our local heritage, featuring you!

Tell on the Terrace is an opportunity to connect with friends—and strangers—around memories and accounts of real-life experience, and to record valuable oral history. It brings together people who want to share something memorable that they have lived through, and people who want to hear it in an informal, audience-centered setting. All stories will be recorded and used for inspiration by local artists in an exhibit this winter!

July 13: Childhood Mischief. Stories of ideas that seemed good at the time, children’s logic, and trouble gotten into and out of; memories of secrets shared with friends hidden in a treehouse, of big scares turned into big laughs, of lessons learned and of awe-filled discoveries.

July 27: Outdoor Adventures. Stories of memorable experiences in the great outdoors: wildlife encounters, survival, and awe; stories alone or in groups, of moments that changed the way we look at the things around us; stories of reflection, meditation, or inspiration.

August 10: (Things Lost in) Changing Times. Stories of things that are no more, of techniques that we no longer have a use for, of ways we used to do things; stories of modernity in motion, and how the latest technology at the time became obsolete.

August 24: My Great Love Story. Stories of strong relationships, between people but also with animals, objects, or values; stories of memorable moments shared with that special someone, of dedication, of longing and of reuniting.

September 14: Around the Dinner Table. Stories of family gatherings, traditions, shared laughs and wise insights; of meals enjoyed, savored and remembered; of families united around their history and their future.

September 28: Small Gestures, Big Consequences. Stories of random acts of kindness of (or to) strangers, of life-changing moments, of insignificant acts with big rewards.