Farmers' Museum

Historic Structures - Sweet-Marble Barn

Sweet-Marble Barn

Date: 1803

Origin: Mount Vision, Otsego County, NY

Builder: Sweet, Benjamin

Original owner: Sweet, Benjamin (?-1813)/ Sweet, Philip/ Marble, Dale. R/

Info: This English-style threshing barn has a timber frame construction and three bays. It has a center threshing floor and two side bays, one for the storage of grain and one for the shelter of animals in six stalls.


Historic Structures - Seneca Log House

Seneca Log House

(Currently closed to the public - will reopen in 2011 at the new Native American Interpretive Area at the Fenimore Art Museum.)

Date: 1785

Origin: Tonawanda Indian Reservation, Genesee County, NY

Builder: Unknown

Original owner: Bailey, Nick/ Clute, Charles (?-1900)/ Clute, Elizabeth Fish (?-1925)/ Sundown, Phoebe Fish/ Whelan, Frank/ Whelan, Helen


Historic Structures - Dimmick House

Dimmick House

Date: 1839

Origin: Norwich, Chenango County, NY

Builder: Unknown

Original owner: Hosea Dimmick (?-1889)

Info: The Dimmick House once stood at 21 Mechanic Street in Norwich. It was built in the Greek Revival style and was once the home of a lockkeeper on the Chenango Canal. Currently being restored, the house will depict life in a middle class home in upstate New York.