Farmers' Museum

Historic Structures - Williams Carriage Shed

Williams Carriage Shed

Date: 1825

Origin: Clinton, Oneida County, NY

Builder: Unknown

Original owner: Williams, Othniel (?-1832)/ West Park Row Corp.

Info: The Williams Carriage Shed was originally part of the estate of Othniel Williams, a lawyer in Clinton as well as a Trustee and the Treasurer of Hamilton College. The Williams family owned several carriages.


Historic Structures - Brooks Barn

Brooks Barn

Date: 1790

Origin: South New Berlin, Chenango County, NY

Builder: Mayhew, Brother of William

Original owner: Mayhew, William/ Brooks, William, ?-1904

Info: The Brooks Barn was originally built in on the farmstead of William Brooks. The farm has only been in the hands of two families since it was purchased in 1793. It now serves the Lippitt Farmstead as a stable and haymow.