The Late 1800s Farm Family and the Economy in New York State

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Students learn about the typical farm and farm family (Wedderspoon family) in the late 1800s and how they contributed to the local and national economy.

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July 2007

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The learning experiences provided in these published curricula are designed to prepare fourth-grade students to use primary source material to create an interpretive essay. Students will gain experience that will help them answer the document-based portion of the fifth-grade Social Studies test. (Note: Not all of the curricula result in a document-based question.)


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Explore The Farmers' Museum and/or Fenimore Art Museum during this annual event. This self-guided visit gives the teacher and students the opportunity to plan and design their own visit to the museum, and to enjoy the freedom to learn at their own pace. Spend time with the exhibits, interpreters, and enhanced museum activities that will enrich your experience.

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Enliven your students' winter experience by joining the staff of The Farmers' Museum for Winter Workshops (available December - March). This program provides the opportunity to focus on period trades, crafts, farm life, or leisure and entertainment of the mid-nineteenth century. The program includes an on-site museum tour, prior to the workshops that concentrates on life and work in the time frame, plus a curriculum guide with pre-visit activities and lesson plans. A variety of workshops are offered.


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Developed with regard to the New York State Social Studies Core Curriculum, the document-based questions provided here are designed for use in a fourth- or fifth-grade classroom to prepare students for the elementary assessment that consists of multiple choice questions, constructed-response questions, and a document-based question.