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Seven Generations of Iroqouis Leadership

In Seven Generations of Iroquois Leadership, the author traces the past 200 years of the Six Nations' history through the lens of the remarkable leaders who shaped it. Focusing on the distinct qualities of Iroquois leadership, it reveals how the Six Nations have survived in the face of overwhelming pressure.

Employing a biographical approach and extensive research, the author explores how leaders use the past to enable cultural, economic, and political survival. Celebrated figures such as Governor Blacksnake, Cornelius Cusick, and Deskaheh are juxtaposed with less well-known but nonetheless influential champions of Haudenosaunee culture and sovereignty such as Dinah John.

Hardcover, 326 pages.

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Seven Generations of Iroqouis Leadership
Seven Generatiosn of Iroqouis Leadership