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New York History Subscription

Fenimore Art Museum’s quarterly, New York History, is the only journal devoted entirely to the history of New York State. New York History is a must read for those seeking an in-depth look at the events that shaped the history of the United States.  (*New York History is now only available to subscribers in a digital/online version.  There is no longer a hardcopy version.  Please read more below.)

If you are an institution, please contact us on how to subscribe and gain access.

 *A digital subscriber will be able to view the publication in a web browser and/or download the entire volume in a PDF file.  Downloading the PDF file allows the subscriber to view the publication on a computer, tablet device, or smart phone.  The PDF also allows the subscriber to print any section or even the entire volume.  New York History is no longer available in a hardcopy version.

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