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Art of the North American Indians: the Thaw Collection at the Fenimore Art Museum

Two years in the making, the 2nd edition of the Art of the North American Indians: the Thaw Collection at the Fenimore Art Museum is finally here. This is an update to the first catalogue published in 2000. This new edition, with 520 pages, features over 830 color photographs of the collection organized according to culture area. Each culture area section is accompanied by an introductory essay to that area. Individual entries are accompanied by a photo, information regarding tribal affiliation, geographic area, material, and dimensions of object. All entries also include provenance, as well as information regarding museum exhibitions and publications the object has appeared in. A majority of the objects are also accompanied by individual essays written by the some of the leading scholars of American Indian art.


The Thaw Collection of American Indian Art is widely recognized as one of the world’s most significant collections of its kind. While the works of art are enormously diversified in type, style, and use of materials, they demonstrate a consistent appreciation of the power of the natural world in shaping human cultures and the universal appeal of beautifully realized and meaningful works of art.

This magnificent collection that gets more and more relevant and popular with each passing year. Art of the North American Indians: The Thaw Collection at Fenimore Art Museum will represent the Fenimore Art Museum and its outstanding collection of Native American art for many years to come.


We are deeply indebted to the Eugene V. and Clare E. Thaw Charitable Trust, the Fernleigh Foundation, and Jane Forbes Clark for generously providing the funds to make this publication possible.

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