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Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection

The catalog that accompanies the traveling exhibition from Fenimore Art Museum. The exhibition explores the extraordinarily diverse forms of visual expression in American Indian heritage.

Organized by geographic culture areas, the objects were chosen both for their high artistic quality and to provide insight into the complex cultural, aesthetic and spiritual meanings embedded in the art. The objects date from well before first European contact to the present, and celebrate the continuing vitality of American Indian art.

Introduction: The Thaw Collection at the Fenimore Art Museum by Eva Fognell

Native American Art History in the 21st Century: Understanding the Thaw Collection by Janet Catherine Berlo

Woodlands: Three Great Lakes Bags from the Thaw Collection by Ruth B. Phillips

Plains, Prairie and Plateau: ‘Something Sacred Wears Me’: Clothing Traditions on the Great Plains and Plateau by Janet Catherine Berlo and Joe Horse-Capture,

Southwest: Looking at a Mimbres Bowl by Stephen A. LeBlanc

California and the Great Basin: Textured Stories: Three California Baskets by Jessica Horton, 

Northwest Coast: The Art and Culture of Food on the Northwest Coast by Aldona Jonaitis, 

Arctic/Subarctic: The Powers of Ivory by Norman Vorano, 

Edited by: Eva Fognell
Soft cover, 176 pages, 269 color and 11 black and white images
Publication Date: 2010 by Fenimore Art Museum

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Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection