Grants for Field Trips

For over 50 Years the Farmers’ Museum, along with her sister
institution The Fenimore Art Museum has been a traditional stop for
Elementary schools across the state to learn about history art and
culture.  With slashed school budgets it is becoming more and more
difficult for schools to take field trips to these valuable locations.

The New York State Historical Association is proud to announce a
program of grants for travel to cover the costs of transportation to
its Museums. Programs pay partial and total transportation costs
depending on location and need.

The funds have been generously donated by members of the New York State Historical Association.

It is the hope our institutions to bring as many students to our
museums as possible with these simple to follow travel grants.Have
questions? Contact us at or Call 607-547-1410.

Otsego County Fourth Grade Grants application and The New York State
Historical Association Matching Travel Grants application can be
downloaded below.