Watermark: Michele Harvey & Glimmerglass

"Riddle" by Michele Harvey. Oil on linen, 34 x 72.

March 31–December 30, 2010

Michele Harvey spends most of the year in her summer studio in upstate New York. A longtime gallery artist, Harvey’s signature triptych formats often include quiet roads or paths framing a central scene that provides one with the sense of simultaneously entering and leaving her misted landscapes. The union of the darker colors of the trees and the distinct light of the vaporous sky create a calming rhythm that draws the viewer into a mysterious world where time appears to stand still.

Harvey is enchanted by the environs of Cooperstown and the opportunity to create works based here.  "The lake, its history, the views... all conspired to take me off the beaten path. I felt the lure of Glimmerglass as it must have felt to James Fenimore Cooper. For the first time I became a tourist, humbled by the scenery."

Watermark: Michele Harvey & Glimmerglass represents a melding of the two; adding her own style to the venerable history of landscape art already created here.

Reply by Michele Harvey