Pollock (Horatio M.) and Charles Culver Papers. 1869-1950.

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New York State Historical Association – Research Library
Horatio M. Pollock and Charles Culver Papers
Coll. No. 316
1.0 cubic feet + 4 volumes
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Scope and Content Note

Personal and business papers of Horatio M. Pollock, a teacher at Albany High School and statistician at the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene. Includes papers on mental health and criminology, correspondence, papers relating to his work as an officer of the Civic League of Albany, travel notes from Europe and Peru, and a 1932 diary of his wife, Georgina. Also contains personal papers of Dr. Charles Culver (1856-1938), an ophthalmologist in Albany, N.Y., including correspondence, notebooks, a daybook, essays, and a biographical sketch written by Horatio M. Pollock.

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Series Descriptions

Series 1. Horatio Pollock Personal Papers. 7 folders.

Personal papers of Horatio Pollock include biographical information, correspondence with family and friends, notes on a European trip and a trip to Peru, his passport, photographs of Pollock and Culver and associates, and photographs of the Home Savings Bank, Albany, N.Y.

Series 2. Horatio Pollock Business Papers. 8 folders.

Papers spanning the career of Horatio Pollock from his time as a teacher at Albany High School through his position as statistician at the New York State Dept. of Mental Hygiene.

Series 3. Civic League of Albany Records. 6 folders.

Records relating to the work of the Civic League of Albany, for which Pollock was executive secretary from 1907-1911, and president in 1913. Includes minutes, correspondence, and reports of the League.

Series 4. Horatio Pollock Family Papers, Essays, Clippings, and Other Papers. 5 folders, 1 volume.

Includes papers of Horatio Pollock about his sister, Ada Pollock Blundon, and the school and orphanage she operated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and a diary of Georgina Pollock, 1932. Also includes several essays on religion; newspaper and magazine clippings; a “black list” of speakers, labeled as pacifists, communists, socialists, etc., which was sent to the Massachusetts chapter of the D.A.R.; and items pertaining to Albany, N.Y.

Series 5. Charles Culver Personal Papers. 15 folders, 3 volumes.

Personal papers of Charles Culver include letters he wrote and received, 1869-1937 (bulk 1932-1937), a biographical sketch written by Horatio Pollock, some genealogical notes, and Culver’s last will and testament. There are three volumes, including notes on language and a scrapbook, 1882, a daybook, 1932, and a German notebook, 1937. Other papers include essays, poems, etc. written by Culver; articles, booklets, etc. on various topics; a paper by Gen. J.M. Robertson, “General Grant in Mexico;” and a program and menu of the Albany Legislative Correspondents’ Association, April 12, 1917.

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Collection Inventory

 Series 1 – Horatio Pollock Personal Papers

 316.1 – Box 1
 316.1/1 — Biographical information.
 316.1/2 — Memorial booklet on death of Pollock. 1950.
 316.1/3 — Family and personal correspondence to and from Pollock. 1881-1920.
 316.1/4 — Letters of condolence to Pollock on death of wife, Georgina. 1937.
 316.1/5 — Travel notes on European trip. 1930.
 316.1/6 — Notes on trip to Peru. 1939.
 316.1/7 — Photographs.

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 Series 2 – Horatio Pollock Business Papers

 316.1 – Box 1
 316.1/8 — Legal documents. 1904-1944.
 316.1/9 — Correspondence. 1897-1948.
 316.1/10 — Criminology.
 316.1/11 — Criminology.
 316.1/12 — Mental health.
 316.1/13 — Mental health.
 316.1/14 — Mental health.
 316.1/15 — Alcoholism.

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 Series 3 – Civic League of Albany Records

 316.1 – Box 1
 316.1/16 — Minutes. 1908-1911.
 316.1/17 — Correspondence. circa 1908-1912.
 316.1/18 — Legal papers, Besch vs. Pollock et al. 1910-1911.
 316.1/19 — Reports, etc.
 316.1/20 — Gambling.
 316.1/21 — Electric lighting in Albany.

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 Series 4 – Horatio Pollock Family Papers, Essays, Clippings, and Other Papers

 316.1 – Box 1
 316.1/22 — Ada Pollock-Blundon papers.
 316.1/23 — Articles on religion by Pollock and others.
 316.1/24 — Albany items.
 316.1/25 — Newspaper and magazine clippings.
 316.1/26 — “Black list” of speakers.
 316.v1 — Diary of Georgina Pollock. 1932.

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 Series 5 – Charles Culver Personal Papers

 316.1 – Box 1
 316.1/27 — Biographical sketch, genealogy, will of Culver.
 316.1/28 — Correspondence from Culver to family members. 1869-1936.
 316.1/29 — Correspondence from Culver. 1884-1937 (bulk, 1932-1935).
 316.1/30 — Correspondence to Culver. 1913-1931.
 316.1/31 — Correspondence to Culver. 1932.
 316.1/32 — Correspondence to Culver. 1933.
 316.1/33 — Correspondence to Culver. 1934.
 316.1/34 — Correspondence to Culver. 1935.
 316.1/35 — Correspondence to Culver. 1936.
 316.1/36 — Correspondence to Culver. 1937.
 316.1/37 — Correspondence to Culver. undated.
 316.1/38 — Essays, poems, etc.
 316.1/39 — Articles, booklets, etc. on various topics.
 316.1/40 — “General Grant in Mexico,” by Gen. J.M. Robertson.
 316.1/41 — Program and menu of Albany Legislative Correspondents’ Association. April 12, 1917.
 316.v2 — Notes on language, scrapbook, etc. of Culver. 1882.
 316.v3 — Culver daybook. 1923.
 316.v4 — German notebook of Culver. 1937.

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