Eastman (Harold F.) Covered Bridge Collection. 1800-1965 (bulk 1865-1965).

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New York State Historical Association – Research Library
Harold F. Eastman Covered Bridge Collection
Coll. No. 24
1800-1965 (bulk 1865-1965)
4.5 Cubic feet + 46 volumes
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Pictures of and information about covered bridges in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and other states of the U.S., along with Canada and Europe. Photographs include many hundreds of prints and postcards, some 525 glass lantern slides, 1300 color slides, 165 stereoscopic views, and a few glass negatives. Historical data on covered bridges includes clippings, pamphlets, articles and lists; also correspondence and notes on the subject by Richard Sanders Allen. There is material on bridge builders and bridge-building techniques, and photographs and pictures of other bridges and ferryboats. Also includes postcards of covered bridges collected by Belle S. Turner and several pieces (artifacts) of actual bridges.

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New York State Historical Association – Research Library

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Cooperstown, NY 13326
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Collection Inventory

 24.1 – Box 1
Pieces of bridges (artifacts).
 24.2 – Box 2
Papers of Mr. Belle Turner.
 24.3 – Box 3
National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges – bylaws; and articles and publications, particularly those about Vermont, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.
 24.4 – Box 4
 24.5 – Box 5
Photographs, along with a few negatives.
 24.6 – Box 6
 24.7 – Box 7
 24.8 – Box 8
Glass Slides; negatives by Vanessa Denton.
 24.9 – Box 9
A. L. Wood slides, 1-143.
 24.10 – Box 10
Covered Bridge Stereoscopic pictures.
 24.11 – Box 11
Filmstock slides.
 24.12 – Box 12
Filmstock slides.
 24.13 – Box 13
A. L. Wood slides, 1A-146.
 24.14 – Box 14
New Hampshire, Connecticut River, California, Maine Collection glass slides.
 24.15 – Box 15
Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, California Collection glass slides.
 24.16 – Box 16
Glass slides.
 24.17 – Box 17
Glass slides.
 24.v1 — Covered Bridge Notes. 1949-1964.
 24.v2 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Alabama to Georgia.
 24.v3 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Illinois to Iowa.
 24.v4 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Kansas to New Jersey.
 24.v5 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Ohio to Oregon.
 24.v6 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
 24.v7 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Connecticut River.
 24.v8 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Foreign.
 24.v9 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Maine (1).
 24.v10 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Maine (2).
 24.v11 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Maine (3).
 24.v12 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Maine (4).
 24.v13 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Maine (5).
 24.v14 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Massachusetts (A to Harvard).
 24.v15 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Massachusetts (Haverhill to Z).
 24.v16 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, New Hampshire (1) — Albany to Cole.
 24.v17 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, New Hampshire (2) — Concord to Franklin.
 24.v18 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, New Hampshire (3) — Jefferson to Lebanon.
 24.v19 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, New Hampshire (4) — Lincoln to Somerset.
 24.v20 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, New Hampshire (5) — Stark to Woodstock.
 24.v21 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, New York.
 24.v22 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Pennsylvania.
 24.v23 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, South Carolina to Wyoming.
 24.v24 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Vermont (1) — Albany to Brattleboro.
 24.v25 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Vermont (2) — Bridgewater to Concord.
 24.v26 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Vermont (3) — Corwallville to Hartford.
 24.v27 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Vermont (4) — Hartwick to Milton.
 24.v28 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Vermont (5) — Montgomery to Northfield.
 24.v29 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Vermont (6) — Norwich to Royalton.
 24.v30 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Vermont (7) — Rutland to Swanton.
 24.v31 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Vermont (8) — Thetford to Watertown.
 24.v32 — Photographs of Covered Bridges, Vermont (9) — Weathersfield to Worcester.
 24.v33 — Lists of Bridges.
 24.v34 — Miscellaneous.
 24.v35 — Articles.
 24.v36 — Lists of Covered Bridge Pictures.
 24.v37 — Excerpts and Notes.
 24.v38 — By and From Richard S. Allen.
 24.v39 — Builders: Town and Others.
 24.v40 — Unidentified Bridges.
 24.v41 — Assorted Pictures and Photographs.
 24.v42 — Pictures and Photographs of Ferry Boats.
 24.v43 — Pictures and Photographs of Bridges.
 24.v44 — Clippings.
 24.v45 — Scrap Book.
 24.v46 — Scrap Book of Christmas.
 24.v47 — Scrap Book (newspaper clippings – most of them missing).

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