Grant (Asa) Family Papers. 1737-1920.

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Collection:  Asa Grant Family Papers

Collection Number:  417

Accession Numbers:  NM-028.99, NM-013.00, NM-010.01, NM-016.02, NM-011.03, NM-009.04

Extent of Collection:  2 cubic ft. + 2 oversize folders

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Scope and Content Note

This collection contains the papers of Asa Grant and family of Middletown, Delaware County, N.Y. It includes correspondence, legal / court documents, military papers, receipts, and deeds documenting Asa Grant’s roles in the 174th Regiment of the 25th Brigade of Militia in New York State (and other brigades), and as Justice of the Peace, postmaster, and member of the New York State Assembly. It also includes personal papers of the Grant family, particularly correspondence, along with papers of the related Fisher and Waterbury families.One prominent subject was the property dispute between the Grants and Waterburys over AsaGrant’ss estate. Additionally, this collection contains wills and genealogy.



Box 1

417.1/1            Account book — includes notes and index. 1872-1891.

.1/2            Deposit, N.Y. property chronology from 1873 to 1914. Property went from Williams to Merriam to Judd to Dawson families. undated.

.1/3            Domestic Missionary Society of Delaware County / American Home Missionary Society. Annual Report. 1827.

.1/4            Dorr, Thomas. Letter sent from Rhode Island State Prison. 1844.

.1/5            Fisher, Alice. Letters received. 1809-1824.

.1/6            Fisher, Elizabeth. Letters received. 1826-1849.

.1/7            Fisher, Elizabeth. Letters to husband, Josiah Fisher. 1845-1853.

.1/8            Fisher family. Correspondence. 1824-1847, dates unclear.

.1/9            Fisher family genealogy. undated.

.1/10          Fisher, James B. Letters sent to parents and wife. 1865-1869.

.1/11          Fisher, Josiah. Letters received, and receipt. 1839-1852.

.1/12          Fisher, Josiah. Letters to son and doctor. 1845, 1852.

.1/13          Fisher, Josiah. Letters to wife, Elizabeth Fisher. 1836, 1845-1851, undated.

.1/14          Fisher, Samuel. Letters received. 1808-1854 (1 of 2).

.1/15          Fisher, Samuel. Letters received. 1808-1854 (2 of 2).

.1/16          Fisher, Samuel. Letters sent. 1839-1847, date unclear.

.1/17          Grant and Waterbury families. Correspondence, receipts, poems, petitions, Albany Academy brochure, church program, and a recipe. 1796-1894.

.1/18          Grant and Waterbury families. Deeds, leases, and correspondence. 1795-1892, undated.

.1/19          Grant and Waterbury families. Receipts and accounts. 1841-1848, undated.

.1/20          Grant, Anna. Letters received. 1819-1825, [1870?].

.1/21          Grant, Anna. Letters received. 1832-1839.

.1/22          Grant, Anna. Letters received. 1840-1849.

.1/23          Grant, Anna. Letters received. undated.

.1/24          Grant, Asa. Correspondence relating to his position as postmaster of Middletown, Delaware County, N.Y. 1815-1848, undated.

.1/25          Grant, Asa. Financial requests to Doctor White on behalf of

clients / patients. 1812-1813.

.1/26          Grant, Asa. Legal / court documents, correspondence, receipts, and accounts. 1788-1859, undated (1 of 6).

.1/27          Grant, Asa. Legal / court documents, correspondence, receipts, and accounts. 1788-1859, undated (2 of 6).

.1/28          Grant, Asa. Legal / court documents, correspondence, receipts, and accounts. 1788-1859, undated (3 of 6).

.1/29          Grant, Asa. Legal / court documents, correspondence, receipts, and accounts. 1788-1859, undated (4 of 6).

.1/30          Grant, Asa. Legal / court documents, correspondence, receipts, and accounts. 1788-1859, undated (5 of 6).

.1/31          Grant, Asa. Legal / court documents, correspondence, receipts, and accounts. 1788-1859, undated (6 of 6).

Box 2

417.2/1             Grant, Asa. Letters received. 1818-1850 (1 of 2).

.2/2             Grant, Asa. Letters received. 1818-1850 (2 of 2).

.2/3             Grant, Asa. Letters received — mostly related to his position as a member of the New York State Assembly. 1786, 1814-1823.

.2/4             Grant, Asa. Letters sent. 1821-1842.

.2/5             Grant, Asa. Lists of sundry articles transported, resolutions of a meeting of Republican electors in Middletown, and notes from a town meeting.

1807-1808, undated.

.2/6             Grant, Asa. Lumber rafting agreements and correspondence. 1810-1816, 1835.

.2/7             Grant, Asa. Military correspondence. 1811-1818.

.2/8             Grant, Asa. Military court martial fines, and enlistment roll. 1812-1817.

.2/9             Grant, Asa. Military notebook, reward notices for deserters, receipts, correspondence, muster rolls, lists of volunteers and officers, guard reports, and inspection return. 1812-1817, undated.

.2/10           Grant, Asa. Military orders. 1811-1813.

.2/11           Grant, Asa. Military orders. 1814-1818.

.2/12           Grant, Asa. Military parade inspection returns. 1814-1817.

.2/13           Grant, Asa. New York State Assembly notes, report, and letters.

1821-1825, undated.

.2/14           Grant family. Correspondence, receipts, wills, and estate inventories. 1750-1855, undated.

.2/15           Grant family genealogy. 1825, 1898-1907, undated.

.2/16           Grant family. Legal correspondence, Grant / Waterbury property dispute papers, receipts, map of John Grant’s lot in Hardenburgh Patent, and Noah Grant deed. 1792-1857.

.2/17           Grant, John. Correspondence and affidavit. 1808-1813, 1858.

.2/18           Grant, John and Asa. Receipts from rent paid for lot in Hardenburgh Patent. 1803-1850.

.2/19           Grant, Polly. Letters received — mostly from Asa Grant. 1817-1834.

.2/20           Grant, Polly. Letters sent. 1834-1835.

.2/21           Grant, Thankful. Correspondence, and poem by unknown author.

1795-1802, undated.

.2/22           Knox family genealogy, covering circa 1710 to 1850. undated.

.2/23           Land indenture for schoolhouse in Middletown, N.Y. 1820.

.2/24           Ledger — lists food items and tickets sold, and work performed.


.2/25           Lewis, Jane and family. Receipts, correspondence, genealogy, and a legal judgment. 1737, 1791-1802, undated.

.2/26           Medical prescriptions / recipes. undated.

.2/27           New York State Assembly seating diagrams (2), including seats of A. Grant and Daniel Waterbury. 1861, undated.

.2/28           Property dispute — court documents and correspondence related to AsaGrant estate dispute of Grant and Waterbury families. 1795-1872.

.2/29           Property dispute over Asa Grant estate (Lot #1: Great Lots 7 and 10 ofHardenburgh Patent, Delaware County). Correspondence. 1911-1920.

.2/30           Property dispute — Waterburys vs. John Grant. Court documents.


.2/31           Recipe book (manuscript) with enclosures. undated.

.2/32           Waterbury, Daniel. Correspondence, estate inventory, prayer, poem, Grant genealogical chart, and an inventory of books. 1826-1847, undated.

.2/33           Waterbury family. Account book + enclosures. 1849-1867.

.2/34           Wheeler, William. Court settlements, contracts, receipts, and correspondence. 1831-1843.


Oversize folders

417.01                Asa Grant military promotion certificates, military receipt roll of payment, receipts, and military subscription; Daniel Waterbury land indenture and list of books on commission; and Issac / Nathaniel Lewis deed. 1737-1826.

.02               Quit claim deeds — between Waterbury and Grant families. 1855-1856.

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