Bachman (Van Cleaf) Papers. 1890-1977 (bulk 1965-1977).

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New York State Historical Association – Research Library
Van Cleaf Bachman Papers
Coll. No. 2
1890-1977 (bulk 1965-1977)
5.5 Cubic feet + 2 volumes
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Scope and Content Note

This collection is the by-product of Van Cleaf Bachman’s research into the Low Dutch language — which he describes as a form of Holland Dutch spoken in parts of New York State and New Jersey by the early nineteenth century — and the preparation of a Low Dutch dictionary.

Includes correspondence, research notes, photocopies of source material, IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) transcriptions, file cards of edited and unedited data, and reel-to-reel tapes and a typed manuscript explaining Bachman’s methodology. The latter (Introduction to “Low Dutch-English” dictionary) serves as an excellent introduction to Bachman’s work and this collection. It is in Box 4.

Contains materials from Dr. L.G. Van Loon, an important source in Bachman’s research, including correspondence, 1965-1977, two manuscript volumes he wrote in Dutch entitled, “Voetstappe Achterweege Gelante” and “Voetstappe Achter Weege,” and a notebook of his grandfather, Walter Hill, on Mohawk Valley Dutch, [1890s?].

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Box Contents

Box 1. Correspondence. 1965-1977.

Letters sent and received. Arranged chronologically by year. Within each year arrangement is alphabetical by name of correspondent. The letters of Dr. L.G. Van Loon, however, are in a separate folder. Additional Van Loon correspondence can also be found in Box 2 along with, and on the back of, question sheets returned to Bachman. The correspondence of Dorothy McNeilley is in Box 3, folder 2.

Box 2. Research material.

Consists mainly of question sheets filled out by Dr. Van Loon. Arranged sequentially. IPA transcriptions and notes on orthography are also included.

Box 3. Source material.

Contains photocopies of published and manuscript sources as well as typed copies of tales remembered by Van Loon. Arrangement by name of source.

Box 4. Book length manuscripts, reel to reel tapes, dictionary, and research notes.

Boxes 5 and 6. Unedited data.

File cards of Low Dutch words arranged alphabetically. According to a note found in the cards, Bachman stopped editing this data after the word “KLAPPE.”

Box 7. Edited data.

File cards of Low Dutch words arranged alphabetically.

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Collection Inventory

2.1 – Box 1
2.1/1 — Correspondence. 1965, 1968.
2.1/2 — Correspondence. A-S. 1969.
2.1/3 — Correspondence. T-Z. 1969.
2.1/4 — Correspondence. A-Q. 1970.
2.1/5 — Correspondence. R-S. 1970.
2.1/6 — Correspondence. T-Z. 1970.
2.1/7 — Correspondence. 1971-1975, undated.
2.1/8 — Correspondence. Dr. L.G. Van Loon. Includes the tale, “De Schelle pad die Niet’n Terreeide Was.” 1965-1977.
2.1/9 — Genealogy of Van Loon (photo included) and the Livingston-Beekman Family. Also copies of death certificates of Walter Hill and J. DeWitt Lynk.
2.2 – Box 2
2.2/1 — Notes of Orthography.
2.2/2 — Question Sheets, 1-50.
2.2/3 — Question Sheets, 51-100.
2.2/4 — Question Sheets, 101-150.
2.2/5 — Question Sheets, 151-200.
2.2/6 — Question Sheets, 201-250.
2.2/7 — Question Sheets, 251-299.
2.2/8 — Question Sheets, 300-350.
2.2/9 — Question Sheets, 351-399.
2.2/10 — Question Sheets, 400-450.
2.2/11 — Question Sheets, 451-500.
2.2/12 — Question Sheets, 501-527.
2.2/13 — IPA transcriptions of words from question sheets and of tape recorded sentences read by Van Loon. Also series t1-t3 (an IPA transcription), etc.
2.3 – Box 3
2.3/1 — Benjamin Myer Brink. Excerpts from
Olde Ulster and
The Early History of Saugerties 1660-1825.
2.3/2 — Mrs. F.P. Ferris. Copies of Mrs. Ferris’s
Dutch Nursery Rhymes, “The Schepen’s Dream,” a Dutch cookbook, etc. Included is correspondence of Dorothy McNeilley, Mrs. Ferris’s granddaughter.
2.3/3 — Walter Hill. Photocopy of ms. notebook containing source materials on Low Dutch (see 2.v1 for original), with notes by Bachman.
2.3/4 — Hans Kurath. Photocopy of Chapter IV of
Handbook of Linguistic Geography of New England.
2.3/5 — J. Dyneley Prince. Photocopied articles.
2.3/6 — James B.H. Storms. Photocopied articles.
2.3/7 — James B.H. Storms. Photocopy of ms. notebook, “Jersey Dutch Glossary: Words & Expressions from Surviving Dutch Speech, circa 1855-1860 …”
2.3/8 — L.G. Van Loon. Typescript of 12 tales, IPA transcription by Bachman of Van Loon’s “Prodigal Son,” etc.
2.3/9 — L.G. Van Loon. Copies of “Crumbs from an Old Dutch Closet: The Dutch Dialect of Old New York.”
2.3/10 — Miscellaneous sources. Articles and notes.
2.3/11 — The Blauvelt News. 3 Issues.
2.4 – Box 4
Van Cleaf Bachman. “Low Dutch-English” dictionary.
Van Cleaf Bachman. Introduction to “Low Dutch-English” dictionary (untitled volume beginning with “Chapter One”).
Guy S. Lowman. “Linguistic Atlas.”
L.G. Van Loon. “Voetstappe Achterweege Gelante.” 1967.
Reel to reel tapes (7): “Review of First Hundred Question Sheets,” “Question Sheets 201-299,” “Ean Verteassel; Vrageblad 300-410,” “Jersey Dutch (Talman, etc.; Pennsylvani Dutch [Uncle Jack]; Mohawk Dutch [Van Loon]),” “V. Loon” (3 tapes).
Research notes of Bachman, re: Dutch settlement in New York. Primarily material copied from various sources. 1 vol. NM-30.83. ca. 1970.
2.6 – Box 6
2.6/1 – 2.6/6 — Unedited data. Mo-Z.
2.5 – Box 5
2.5/1 — Unedited data. Published and personal sources. A-Beg.
2.5/2 – 2.5/6 — Unedited data. Beh-Mj.
2.7 – Box 7
2.7/1 – 2.7/5 — Edited data. A-Vlok.
2.7/6 — Edited data. Vl-Z. Summary of pronouns, conjugations of common verbs, communities where Low Dutch was once spoken, misc. bibliographical reference.
2.v1 — Walter Hill. Ms. notebook containing source materials on Low Dutch. Written in 19th century account book with front pages ripped out. [1890s?].
2.v2 — L.G. Van Loon. “Voetstappe Achter Weege.” Manuscript volume written in Dutch, including two explanatory letters (enclosures) written in English, relating mostly to his work with Bachman. ca. 1960s – 1970s.

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