Art and History: A View through the Past

Through the use of our folk art, fine art, and American Indian art collections, take a guided tour of American history as seen by its artists and craftspeople. Specific themes and topics for these guided tours can be widely tailored to suit the curriculum needs of your class.

The collections at Fenimore Art Museum are suited to explore a wide variety of topics, including art history, American history, and Native American culture. The Art and History tours utilize our permanent collections to provide a tailored educational program for your students. Our collections and the themes we explore include:
· The Eugene and Clare Thaw Collection of American Indian Art – Native American art, history, and culture
· Folk Art – American history, art, and art history
· Browere Life Masks – American history, art
· Hudson River School landscape paintings – American history, art, art history, environmental science
· James Fenimore Cooper – American history, American literature, art

These tours meet New York State learning standards for the arts, social studies, English language arts, and science, depending on what your class requires. Please call to find out more options or to tailor our guided tours to your specific needs.