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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
F0077.1998 Painting Harvesting Hops near Cooperstown, New York Waller, Frank   1884
N0001.2002 Painting Night Game - Yankee Stadium Fasanella, Ralph New York, NY 1981
N0003.1983 Painting Dress Shop Fasanella, Ralph   1972
N0010.1952 Painting Laura Hall Brown, James Cheshire, Massachusetts 1808
N0011.1999 Painting View of Cold Spring and Mount Taurus from Fort Putnam Chambers, Thomas Albany, NY 1845
N0012.1998 Painting Lyman Kingman Waters, Susan Catherine Moore Caroline, Tompkins County, NY (prob.) 1845
N0012.2000 Painting Self-Portrait, Asleep with Creatures Lebduska, Lawrence   1943
N0013.1998 Painting Helen M. Kingman Waters, Susan Catherine Moore Caroline, Tompkins County, NY (probably) 1845
N0024.1961 Painting Col. Glover and the Fishermen Leaving Marblehead for Cambridge, 1775 Frost, John Orne Johnson Marblehead, Essex County, MA 1922
N0025.1961 Painting Peaches Point, Marblehead Frost, John Orne Johnson Marblehead, Essex County, MA 1922
N0031.1997 Painting Campbell Family Record Murray, William   1816
N0033.1960 Painting William Miller (Possibly) Prior, William Matthew (attributed to) New England (probably) 1845
N0036.1986 Painting Winter Carnival Munro, Janet   1986
N0037.1961 Painting Peaceable Kingdom Hicks, Edward Bucks County, Pennsylvania 1825
N0038.1961 Painting Peaceable Kingdom Hicks, Edward Bucks County, Pennsylvania 1830
N0039.1961 Painting Charles Mortimer French Powers, Asahel Cavendish or Ludlow, Vermont (probably) 1832 ca.
N0040.1958 Painting The Horse with the Longest Hair in the World Unidentified   1890
N0041.1961 Painting View of the Berks County Almshouse Rasmussen, John Berks County, Pennsylvania 1881
N0044.1961 Painting Bear and Pears Unidentified New Hampshire, possibly 1825
N0052.1994 Painting May Day Fasanella, Ralph New York, NY 1948
N0060.1950 Painting John Adams Dunlap, William   1805
N0061.1961 Painting The Azariah Caverly Family Davis, Joseph (attributed to) Stafford, New Hampshire (probably) 1836
N0061.1994 Painting Fireside in Virginia Stovall, Queena Lynchburg, Virginia 1950
N0064.1985 Painting Elizabeth Ann Ferris Preston Peck, Sheldon (attributed to) Cato, Cayuga County, NY 1825
N0065.1985 Painting Andrews Preston Peck, Sheldon (attributed to) Cato, Cayuga County, NY 1825
N0077.1961 Painting Two Women Pinney, Eunice Griswold Windsor, Hartford County, CT 1810
N0080.1991 Painting Homage To Hank Greenburg Zeldis, Malcah New York, NY 1991
N0081.1961(01) Painting Pennsylvania Gentleman Maentel, Jacob (attributed to) Pennsylvania (probably) 1815
N0081.1961(02) Painting Pennsylvania Lady Maentel, Jacob (attributed to) PA (probably) 1815
N0082.1961 Painting Boy with Bird Maentel, Jacob (attributed to) PA (probably) 1815
N0084.1961 Painting The Hero of New Orleans, Andrew Jackson Wellman, Betsey New England (probably) 1840
N0085.1961 Painting Maremaid Willson, Mary Ann Greene County, NY 1810
N0091.1961 Painting Christopher Columbus Landing Upon the Island of St. Salvador Unidentified New England (possibly) 1820
N0091.1973 Painting Chief Justice Nelson Inman, Henry   1838
N0103.1968 Painting Permilia Forbes Sweet Goldsmith, Deborah (attributed to) North Brookfield or Madison, NY 1832 ca.
N0106.1974 Painting Ladies Playing Cards Hunter, Clementine   1968
N0110.1955 Painting Scene from James Fenimore Cooper's "The Prairie" Glass, James William, Jr. New York, NY 1855
N0110.2001 Painting Bench Workers, (Morey's Machine Shop) Fasanella, Ralph   1954
N0119.1961 Drawing The Rescue, God Save My Child Martin, D.T., Professor New England (probably ) 1891
N0120.1961 Painting Joseph's Dream Witherbe, Sophia   1810
N0121.1961 Painting Palemon and Lavinia Burpee, Sophia Sterling, Worcester County, MA 1806 ca.
N0144.1977 Painting William Cooper (1754-1809) Stuart, Gilbert   1794
N0145.1977 Painting Elizabeth Fenimore Cooper Freeman, George Cooperstown, Otsego County, NY 1816
N0146.1971 Painting Cooperstown from Three Mile Point Mignot, Louis Remy/Gollmann, Julius   1850
N0146.1977 Painting James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851) Jarvis, John Wesley   1822
N0147.1977 Painting John Peter DeLancey (1754-1828) Jarvis, John Wesley   1814 ca.
N0150.1955 Painting Abigail Adams Unidentified   1795 ca.
N0150.1971 Painting Old Island Days, "Peace with Tranquility" Sanchez, Mario Key West, FL 1955
N0191.1956 Painting Steamer Niagara Passing Fort Washington Point, 1845 Bard, James NY 1852
N0194.1961 Painting Landscape Scene from "The Last of the Mohicans" Cole, Thomas   1827
N0198.1961 Painting Major-General Baron Frederick William August von Steuben Earl, Ralph   1786
N0199.1961 Painting Joseph Brant (1742-1807) Stuart, Gilbert   1786
N0214.1948 Painting Catherine Ann Russell Nelson (1798-1875) Morse, Samuel Finley Breese   1822
N0217.1970 Painting Harriett Elizabeth Boynton Walton, Henry Groton, NY (probably) 1845
N0217.1976 Painting Uptrip Morning Williamson, John   1874
N0218.1961 Painting Robert Fulton West, Benjamin   1806
N0218.1976a Painting Downtrip, Afternoon Williamson, John   1874
N0222.1961 Painting Residence of Mr. E. R. Jones Seifert, Paul A. Dodgeville, Iowa County, WI 1881
N0231.1961 Painting One Shoe Off Brewster, John Jr. New England or New York State 1807
N0238.1992 Painting Autumn at the Crossroads Munro, Janet   1992
N0246.1961 Painting William Whipper Prior, William Matthew (attributed to) United States ca.1835
N0250.1961 Painting Black Child Tilyard, Philip Thomas Cole   1815
N0254.1961 Painting Child in Blue with Dog Prior, William Matthew New England (probably) 1848
N0255.1961 Painting Picking Flowers Miller, Samuel (attributed to) New England (probably) 1840
N0263.1961 Painting Charles C. Henry Hamblin, Sturtevant J. (attributed to) Boston, Suffolk County, MA (probably) 1851
N0265.1961 Painting Francis O. Watts with Bird Brewster, John Jr. ME (probably) 1805
N0267.1961 Painting Mother & Child Phillips, Ammi (attributed to) New York State or Connecticut (probably) 1820
N0271.1961 Painting Deacon Eliphaz Thayer and His Wife, Deliverance Brewster, John Jr. (attributed to) Braintree, MA 1795
N0273.1961 Painting Uprising of the North Unidentified   1862
N0285.1961 Painting Venice Unidentified   1835
N0288.1961 Painting Eliza Jane Fay Bascom, Ruth Henshaw (attributed to) Fitzwilliam, Cheshire County, NH 1840
N0290.1961 Painting Separate Tables Davis, Joseph H. (attributed to) Maine or New Hampshire (probably) ca.1835
N0295.1961(01) Painting New England Man Chandler, Winthrop (attributed to) Connecticut or Massachusetts (probably) 1775
N0295.1961(02) Painting New England Woman Chandler, Winthrop (attributed to) Connecticut or Massachusetts (probably) 1775
N0300.1961 Painting William Williams Cowee with Flute Peckham, Deacon Robert (attributed to) Worcester County, MA (probably) 1836 ca.
N0301.1961 Painting Maria Winship Cowee with Music Book Peckham, Deacon Robert (attributed to)   1836 ca.
N0304.1961 Painting Gentleman in a High Collar Ellis, A. ME (possibly) 1825
N0305.1961 Painting Lady with a Nosegay Ellis, A. ME (possibly) 1825
N0309.1961 Painting Kept In Henry, Edward Lamson   1889
N0310.1961 Painting American Farmer Wood, Thomas Waterman   1882
N0317.1961 Painting Battle of Lake Erie Unidentified Northeastern United States 1825
N0321.1961 Painting Winter Sunday in Norway, Maine Unidentified   1860 ca.
N0323.1961 Painting Joseph and Sarah Ann Emery Davis, Joseph H. (attributed to) Limington, ME (probably) 1834
N0339.1955 Painting Samuel Nelson (1792-1873) Morse, Samuel Finley Breese   1822
N0356.1955 Painting West Point From Fort Putnam Johnson, David   1867
N0359.1955 Painting View of the Schoharie Cole, Thomas   1826
N0366.1954 Painting Van Bergen Overmantel Heaten, John (attributed to) Leeds, Greene County, NY 1728
N0368.1955 Painting Cider Making On Long Island Davis, William M. Suffolk County, NY 1865
N0379.1955 Painting Otsego Lake Looking North from Two Mile Point Gay, Edward B.   1878
N0380.1955 Painting Otsego Lake looking South from Two Mile Point Gay, Edward B.   1879
N0381.1955 Painting Scene from James Fenimore Cooper's "The Spy" Dunlap, William   1823
N0382.1955 Painting Poestenkill, N.Y. Hidley, Joseph Henry Poestenkill, Rensselaer County, NY 1862-05-10
N0384.1955 Painting Pittsford on The Erie Canal Harvey, George Pittsford, Monroe County, NY (probably) 1837 ca.
N0387.1955 Painting Mrs. McCormick's General Store Browere, Albertus del Orient Catskill, Greene County, NY 1844
N0391.1955 Painting Hudson River Looking toward the Catskills Durand, Asher Brown   1847
N0392.1955a Painting Two Artists in a Landscape Havell, Robert J., Jr.   1840
N0393.1955 Painting Village Post Office Wood, Thomas Waterman   1873
N0394.1955 Painting Messrs. Smith & Co. Ship Yard Pringle, James Fulton New York, New York County, NY 1833
N0395.1955 Painting Eel Spearing At Setauket Mount, William Sidney NY 1845
N0403.1955 Painting The Turkey Shoot Matteson, Tompkins Harrison   1857
N0406.1955 Painting Ringing The Pig Mount, William Sidney   1842
N0407.1955 Painting Politicians in a Country Bar Clonney, James Goodwyn   1844
N0408.1955 Painting The Woodcutter Johnson, Eastman    
N0409.1955 Painting Haying Robinson, Theodore WI (probably painted in) 1882
N0411.1955 Painting Justice's Court in the Back Woods Matteson, Tompkins Harrison   1850
N0421.1955 Painting Joseph Brant (1742-1807) Ames, Ezra Albany, Albany County, NY 1806
N0422.1955 Painting Leatherstocking Meets The Law Quidor, John   1832-05-27
N0423.1955 Painting Sharpening The Saw Henry, Edward Lamson   1887
N0424.1955 Painting The Scissors Grinder Johnson, Eastman   1870
N0425.1955 Painting The Blacksmith Shop Johnson, Eastman   1863
N0426.1955 Painting Cider Making in the Country Durrie, George Henry   1863
N0432.1961 Painting Lucky Fisherman Doughty, Thomas   1836
N0447.1961 Painting Two Children with a Basket of Fruit Belknap, Zedekiah, (attributed to) MA, NH or VT 1825
N0537.1948 Painting Whig Political Banner Kennedy, Terrence J. Fleming, Cayuga County, NY/Auburn, Cayuga County, NY 1836

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