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Record 94/116
Copyright New York State Historical Association and/or The Farmers' Museum, Inc.
Object ID N0387.1955
Title Mrs. McCormick's General Store
Artist Browere, Albertus del Orient
Object Name Painting
Early Date 1844
Exhibit label line3 While young women were rarely rendered humorously in genre painting, older women were often the butt of a joke. Browere's hometown of Catskill, New York is the setting in which young boys plague a shopkeeper by shoplifting from her outdoor display. Much of Catskill's present-day business district remains the same as Browere's depiction, although a brick building now stands in the place of Mrs. McCormick's store. Browere's repertoire included sculpture, portraiture, landscapes, and later sign and wagon painting, but he is best remembered for his genre paintings derived from American literature.
Description Mrs. McCormick's General Store Marks: Signed and dated in lower right corner: "Albertus D.O. Browere 1844."
Classification Academic Art--Painting/Drawing--Scene--Genre
Dimensions H-21 W-25 D-1 inches
Material Oil on canvas
Makers mark Signed and dated in lower right corner: "Albertus D.O. Browere 1844."
Place of Origin Catskill, Greene County, NY

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