Empire Waists, Bustles & Lace: A Century of New York Fashion


Empire Waists, Bustles and Lace is an exciting exhibition of the Museum’s collection of historic dresses.  When viewed in conjunction with the John Singer Sargent exhibition, the show enables visitors to see and experience a broader historical context of men's and women’s fashion.  Even though upstate New York was considered the edge of the western frontier in the 19th century, residents of the area kept up with New York City and the world in terms of fashion.  The exhibition includes the oldest known example of a dress with a label, stunning examples of Empire, Romantic and Civil War era dresses and turn-of-the-20th century (Sargent era) items.  Additionally, visitors will be able to peek at what was worn underneath the dresses which were vital to giving them their distinctive shapes.


Supported in part by The Coby Foundation.