On the Home Front: Civil War Exhibition Opens at Fenimore on September 8

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COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (08-31-2012) — Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the Fenimore Art Museum presents On the Home Front: New York in the Civil War, opening September 8 and running through December 31.

Even though no battles were fought in the area, the Civil War was reflected in all aspects of everyday life in upstate New York. Military and patriotic themes appeared in children’s toys, home decorations, and even women’s clothing. On the Home Front offers a multitude of rare artifacts, artwork, photographs, and clothing from the museum’s collection, which detail these elements, including items from upstate New York regiments. 

Documenting this traumatic period in our nation’s history is also the focus of the museum's second annual Americana Symposium: Civil War Era Material Culture.  Presentations from leading scholars and experts on American history, art, and culture include "Seeing the Civil War: Artists, Photographers, Cartoonists, and Pictorial News and Views," "Photographic Techniques during the American Civil War," and "Emblems of Devotion: New York State’s Civil War Battle Flags, 1861-1862."  For information on the symposium, visit FenimoreArtMuseum.org or call (607) 547-1453. 

For more information about the On the Home Front exhibition, please visit the Fenimore Art Museum’s website: www.fenimoreartmuseum.org


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August 2012